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本文摘要:设计 Design:balbek bureau摄影 Photography Credits:Yevhenii Avramenko Say No Mo是一个由全新观点打造的美容沙龙。沙龙的“心脏”是一处神奇的地方,既能用来提供美容服务,又是一个传统的鸡尾酒吧。balbek bureau在设计一开始所面临的主要任务就是打破传统美容院的传统看法和性别差异。


设计 Design:balbek bureau摄影 Photography Credits:Yevhenii Avramenko Say No Mo是一个由全新观点打造的美容沙龙。沙龙的“心脏”是一处神奇的地方,既能用来提供美容服务,又是一个传统的鸡尾酒吧。balbek bureau在设计一开始所面临的主要任务就是打破传统美容院的传统看法和性别差异。

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format of a beauty salon. The ‘heart’ of the salon is a bar used for both beauty services and traditional cocktail receptions. The main task faced by balbek bureau from the very start of the design process was to break away from a traditional perception of a conventional beauty salon, and its gender distinction.观点 CONCEPT 沙龙的所有者是加拿大人,有着多年的美容行业事情履历,所以就如何让客户开心这一点,简直是信手拈来。而这种深条理的客情明白,则成为了balbek bureau设计空间的基础。

The owner of the establishment is Canadian. In her years of working in the beauty industry, she has learned how to make a client happy. This understanding became the basis of the interior solutions delivered by balbek bureau. 在设计项目的时候,与客户保持统一的思想步伐,是对团队来说最重要的事。而我们恰好做到了这一点。所以设计理念在瞬间就被客户采取了,一切从心出发,半年后在基辅36号Shota Rustavely大街上将设想酿成了现实。

To get on the same mental wave with the client is perhaps the most important aspect while working on a project. Our architectural team managed to do just that. That is why the proposed concept took off instantaneously: first, in the hearts and minds, and half a year later - materializing on 36 Shota Rustavely Street in Kyiv.功效 FUNCTIONALITY Say No Mo是一个面积200平方米的二层小楼,在基辅的一座旧修建里。墙壁呈几何弯曲,没有平行关系的墙体,天花板有4米高,气氛奇特。沙龙的一层有接待处、休息室、美甲/酒吧和足疗。地下室包罗化妆区、护发区、美容院、洗手间和其他设施。

Say No Mo is a 200-sq. m, two-level premises in an old building in Kyiv. With the curved-walls geometry and without a single parallel wall, the place boasts 4-meter high ceilings and has a distinctive atmosphere. The ground level of the salon features several zones: reception, lounge, manicure/bar, and pedicure. The basement level contains a make-up zone, hair care, cosmetology, restroom, and facilities.设计 DESIGN接待区域 RECEPTION ZONE 沙龙的主要视觉装饰之一位于接待区。现浇的混凝土“打破”拱形比喻美容行业中陈旧的偏见。它由混凝土浇筑而成,重达几百公斤。

这种形式的构建履历了一个多阶段的历程。从对接组件到剪切机的最终毗连和结构调整,花了四个多月的时间。One of the main visual accents of the salon is located in the reception area. The cast-in-situ concrete ‘broken’ arch serves as a metaphor for broken stereotypes in the beauty industry. It is made of poured concrete and weighs several hundred kilograms. The construction of this form was a multi-phased process; it took more than 4 months from the docking assembly to the final joining of shears and toning of the structure. 接待区设有一个带家具组的休息区和一个壁炉,壁炉不仅用作期待区,而且还是鸡尾酒会期间放松身心的地方。

The reception zone has a lounge area with furniture groups and a fireplace that serves not only as a waiting area but also as a place to relax during cocktail parties. 接待台也是由现浇混凝土制成,视觉上像一块石块。可是,整体外观并没有故障它的功效——它有桌面和插件毗连点,以确保是一个功效齐全的事情空间。


The reception counter is also made of cast-in-situ concrete and visually resembles a stone block. However, the monolithic look does not impede its functionality – it has a desktop and plug-in connection spots to ensure a fully functional workspace.足疗区 PEDICURE ZONE 足疗区位于平台上,切合人体工程学的设计,很是适合美甲师。The pedicure zone is located on podiums the ergonomics design of which is a perfect fit for nail technicians. 平台配有一体化滑动抽屉和洗手盆,供沙龙事情人员使用;在聚会时,他们被中空的咖啡桌笼罩着。

在这个区域的中央,有一个由两个苏联时代的婴儿浴缸组装而成的独立的洗脸盆。Podiums are equipped with integrated sliding drawers and washbasins for the use of the salon staff; during parties, they are covered with hollow coffee tables. In the middle of the zone, there is a free-standing washbasin that was assembled from two Soviet-era baby bathtubs. 总体而言,足疗区接纳浅色和谐对比鲜明的金色调完成,给人以清洁的感受。Overall, the pedicure zone is finished in light tones with contrasting golden accents, giving it a feeling of cleanness.妆发区 MAKE UP AND HAIR STYLING ZONE 沙龙的“-1”层位于地下室。由于缺乏自然光,天花板高度较低,衡宇面积小,所以整个楼层都设计成白色的,最大限度地使用了镜子,这在视觉上使空间看起来明亮而通透。

Salon’s ‘-1’ level is located on the basement floor. Given the lack of natural light, low ceiling height, and small square area of the premises, the entire floor has been finished in white, with the maximum use of mirrors, which visually made the space look light and airy.酒吧区 BAR ZONE 空间的另一个主要的标志性元素是一组圆形的“金色”面板。它们的形状困绕着墙壁和圆柱,并在视觉上毗连了3个区域:接待区,酒吧和足疗区。

这些面板用于务,用作酒吧货架和隔板,并掩盖了原始墙壁的不平整。Another main element and a signature mark of the interior is a set of the rounded ‘golden’ panels. Their shape envelopes the walls and columns and visually joins 3 zones: the entrance to the salon, the bar, and the pedicure zone. The panels are used in retail operations, serve as bar shelves and partitions, and mask the unevenness of the original walls. 面板由具有氮化钛涂层的抛光不锈钢(0.5毫米厚)制成。Panels are made of polished stainless steel (0.5 mm thick) with titanium nitride coating. 吧台被镀以玄色金属,粗焊缝居心突出。

杆顶由12毫米厚的复合质料制成。The bar counter is plated with black metal with crude welding seams made intentionally prominent. The top of the bar is made of a 12-mm thick composite material. 通往美甲区的通道有一个吊椅,这已成为沙龙主顾最喜欢的Instagram打卡景点。The passage that leads to the nail art zone has a hanging hammock chair, which has become a favorite Instagram spot of the salon visitors. 美甲区 NAIL ART ZONE 在混凝土找平历程中,美甲区发现了一个2米深的水池。

设计团队决议保留这一奇特元素,在水池中放满了蓝色的球,而且用玻璃面板封顶。A 2-meter deep water basin was discovered in the nail art room during the leveling of the concrete screed. Our team decided to keep this unique feature, filling it up with balls the color of the landing; a glass floor was assembled on top of the basin. 沙龙的名字:Say No Mo,与balbek bureau此次的设计逻辑相辅相成。对设计美容院的传统看法、性别区分,以及普通解决方案统统说不。只保留想象力、缔造力和空间应有的美学质感。

The salon's name – Say No Mo – is in tune with balbek bureau’s approach to this project. ‘Say No Mo’ to the traditional point of view on designing beauty salons, gender distinction, ordinary solutions. Only the flight of imagination, creativity, and aesthetics.项目名称 | Project:Say No Mo设计公司 | Company:balbek bureau设计团队 | Architects: Slava Balbek, Sofiia Hupalovska, Nataliya Stukonog项目司理 | Project manager: Natalia Kozak项目面积 | Project Area: 200㎡完成年份 | Project Year: 2020项目地址 | Location: 乌克兰基辅 Kyiv, Ukraine摄影版权 | Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko。